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Monday, December 8, 2008

Message from Apple Development Executive Barry Svett

Amy, Steve, Katie and everyone else at O'Neill Public Schools,

Thanks so much for hosting an outstanding 21st Century Learning Leadership Institute! We've been involved in many of these over the past few years, and this was one of the very best. The promise of 24/7 learning was not only clearly articulated, but powerfully demonstrated as well. All the success factors were evident, and the attendees were impressed and inspired. We are proud to be your partner, and look forward to working together and holding more Leadership Institutes in the future.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

High-Tech Wrestling Invite

The O'Neill Wrestling Invitational was held on Saturday, December 6, and evidence of technology use was everywhere! Students captured the images of the meet on digital cameras and periodically transferred them to a MacBook which Mr. Corkle and the janitors rigged up to be projected on the gym wall. All day long Douglas Stahlecker added photos to a continuous slideshow for fans and athletes to enjoy. In addition, Douglas used ichat to get updates on the results and team standings to add into his projected iMovie. During the finals, Gary Hostert and OHS alum Jess Fernau teamed up with Mike Peterson to share the action via ustream. A newly discovered feature of picture-in-picture allowed for the sports broadcast to showcase more than one mat at a time. Congratulations, O'Neill High School, for not only winning the wrestling meet, but also for using technology in innovative ways!

Challenge Based Learning -- Week #1

The freshmen are off and running with a whole new way of learning... challenge based learning, that is. Their challenge is to transform apathy into engagement in our community. Here are some photos from Week 1. To follow their progress and join in their conversations, you can visit a collaborative webspace/social network that we created for this project at:

21st Century Learning Leadership Institute - O'Neill Public Schools

Over 50 different educators from approximately 15 different school districts across Nebraska and Iowa attended the 21st Century Learning Leadership Institute on December 3-4. Sponsored by Apple Computers, and hosted by O'Neill Public Schools, the event was a resounding success. Participants witnessed firsthand 24/7 Learning at O'Neill Jr./Sr. High School. The schedule consisted of speakers from Apple intermixed with presentations from O'Neill teachers and administrators from which the participants could gain additional insight. You can view the 24/7 Learning overview by Katie Morrow here and one of the teacher presentations (by Science teacher Bryan Corkle) here. A panel discussion including various stakeholders (students, teachers, admins, and board members) was held for question and answer purposes, and a tour of the school allowed for guests to see things in action and ask questions of those "in the trenches." In addition to the two days of the Institute, guests were treated to a dinner at the Blarney Stone at which approximately 20 students shared their projects and talents in a before-dinner showcase. Comments from those who attended the LLI event were overwhelmingly positive and included such statements as:
  • "Your staff seems to have all bought into your plan and it is working. All positive."
  • "Favorite part of the Leadership Institute was seeing student motivation to learn beyond their potential. Loved observing students being so professional in the classrooms."
  • "I wish I could have brought more teachers. I felt like I was at the NETA conference and was wishing more could have been here to see this. It was great!"
  • "I enjoyed it ALL!"
  • "Favorite part: input from teachers and a variety of perspectives. Teachers' ideas were great!"

Safe Image Search (Google Customized Search Engine)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Picture Contest!

From: opsbrash
Subject:Christmas Picture Contest!
To: All course individuals, All course students
You may have seen my announcement posted this morning but if not here is a reminder. I am holding a Christmas Picture Contest. You can submit (using the drop box) a picture that falls into these categories:

A) You take a funny Christmas picture with your friends or alone
B) You create a cool or funny Christmas picture using Photoshop or Illustrator
C) Create a Christmas movie in Flash or iMovie
D) Create a Christmas slide show using Keynote or powerpoint

I have expanded these choices from just pictures to test your skills with different programs. Feel free to make more than one in different formats (please only one picture per format). If you have any questions please email me through Angel in the O'Neill Student Lounge Group.

Thanks Everyone!
Brett Rash

Thursday, November 27, 2008

NASB Technology Showcase

Nebraska Association of School Boards held its annual conference last week and O'Neill hosted a booth in the Technology Showcase. Mike Peterson, along with students Morgan Devall, Jesse Albarran, Laura Lueninghoener, and Cody Belzer, shared information about Eagle Eye Sports, ustream, and general questions about and our 1 to 1 laptop initiative. The team was very well received by conference attendees and were asked many good questions. People were especially drawn to the live demonstration of projected in the exhibit hall. A huge thank you to Mike Peterson and students for promoting the work of students and technology integration at O'Neill Public Schools to the rest of the state!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

College essay

Excerpts taken from an essay by former OHS graduate Jordan Peterson, now a freshman at University of Nebraska- Kearney:

It is websites like this that show the true power of what technology can do for learning. The possibilities for the integration of this type of learning into classrooms can not be ignored. Students in a Spanish language class may have a teacher who has never been to a Spanish-speaking country, and textbooks don’t at all teach students how to actually speak a language. At best, textbooks prepare students for a test, and that is not how learning should be.

Computers in the classroom facilitate critical thinking, rather than mindless information memorization. Through the use of computers, students can participate in fun projects that require students to actually understand the information, not just to memorize it. The best example of this is a personal one.

I myself was a member of the 24/7 Learning Initiative project done by O’Neill Public Schools. In my British Literature class, we were studying Beowulf. Rather than memorizing information for a test grade, we all had to do a project with a partner. With our computers, my partner and I had a huge power in our hands to make a great project. The software on our computer allowed us to edit photos, write music, or even make our own movie. We decided to make our own movie and create a modern version of Beowulf. To do this, we had to understand more than just the facts. We had to have a deeper understanding of the plot. We also had to have a deeper understanding of the characters and themes. Through the use of technology, we were able to critically think about what he had learned, and in express it in a way that would not have been possible before. Because of technology in our school, we developed a much deeper understanding of the information, and we had a much more fun learning experience.

Monday, November 24, 2008

O'Neill Dtl team at No Limits Summit

7 students and 2 sponsors attended the 2008 Summit against big tobacco companies. Addie Schneider was interviewed by a TV crew and on the evening news while the group participated in an activism event in Grand Island. You can read more here: and stay tuned for great digital projects from these students involved in a great cause.

Friday, November 14, 2008

MacBooks in Junior High P.E.

Internet Safety Poster Contest

Put your artistic talents to use to help educate others about online safety. Check out for more information.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

iSight camera helps student "catch-up" on extra-curriculars

Listen to yet another impromptu example of how the MacBooks are helping our students 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Recent Student Technology-Enhanced Projects

Students are sometimes better teachers than the teachers themselves! Listen, watch, and learn from these students on a variety of technology applications as they share their knowledge through screencasts at:

Don't forget to visit the Student Sharing Gallery for 2008-2009 at: If you use the 'Subscribe' button you will get the podcast entries automatically in iTunes.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Creative Use of Power Media Plus!

KBRX Listen Live is finally Mac-compatible!

GREAT NEWS to all OHS Mac users! You can now listen to KBRX Live on They have upgraded their interface and all radio shows broadcast over the Internet (either live or archived) run now on Flash, which works well on our Macs. This is another great way to stay connected to our community. Thank you, as always, to KBRX for providing such great resources to everyone in the O'Neill area.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sharing your Teaching and Technology Skills

Two opportunities to present at local technology conferences are nearing deadlines. These are both great ways to attend the conference and learn as an attendee while at the same time sharing your expertise with others.

1) NETA 2009--if you are going to submit a session proposal for NETA 2009,
please do so soon. If you work with someone doing great things with
technology, please encourage them to submit a session. The submission site
closes after December 1!

2) Follow the signs to the
Lifelong Learning Center, Norfolk
NNNC Summer Tech Institute
June 15-16, 2009
Hands-on Workshop with Tony Vincent
June 17, 2009
Interested in presenting
a workshop or breakout session?
Submit your application online at
Application deadline is 12/31/08

Reason #101 for facility upgrade...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Student Technology Tutorials (SMARTcasts)

A new selection of student-produced technology tutorials has been published at: Choose from approximately 15 new episodes teaching you about everything from Bluetooth to Google Sketchup to 3D effects in Adobe Illustrator. All recordings were created by students teaching other students and capturing their screen with SMART Recorder. Some edited their production further with GarageBand or iMovie. Tune in and you are guaranteed to learn at least one new thing about technology from these students... I know I did!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Classrooms of Tomorrow - TODAY!

O’Neill Public School is taking part in an exciting opportunity with Apple Computers in the next month aimed at improving 21st century education.

ACOT2 is the acronym for “Apple Classrooms of Tomorrow - Today.” Built on a foundation of research, this 3-stage initiative identifies weaknesses in current high schools in the U.S. and urges reform immediately, before any more students become disengaged or drop. The final stage of ACOT2 is a 9th grade curriculum project otherwise known as CBL or “Challenge-Based Learning.” Some of the attributes of CBL include:
• Multiple points of entry and multiple possible solutions
• Interdisciplinary
• 21st century skill development
• Technology access and web 2.0 tools
• Students DOING something, rather than just learning ABOUT something
• Local solutions and taking action to improve the world outside the classroom

O’Neill High School was selected as one of six schools nationwide to pilot a part of this curriculum. They will document progress to share with the rest of the world when the curriculum is finally published and released. To prepare for teaching this two-week Challenge-Based Learning unit, a team will travel to Apple in Cupertino, California on November 20-21 for training. Members of O’Neill’s team will include Katie Morrow, technology integration specialist, Charlene Paris, 9th grade Science, Deb Barelmann, 9th grade Math, and Hayley Herzog, a senior student who will work on documenting the pilot through photography and video. In addition to learning more about ACOT2 and the unit that they will be piloting, this team will also have the opportunity to work with the five other teams involved (schools in Kansas, North Carolina, Texas, Hawaii, and California), Apple Education experts, and professional media instructors from the New Media Consortium. More information about ACOT2 can be found at:

Technology helps bring Election Awareness to OHS

The presidential debate of 2008 has come to O’Neill High School. Students in Mr. Wayne Hesse’s 6th hour Current Issues class have been working to provide both a debate and a mock election to bring the important issues at stake home to each student. Last week each student in school was given the opportunity to vote in a nation-wide, on-line election hosted by the Youth Leadership Initiative. This mock election was easily assisted by the fact that every student had access to vote via their MacBook.

For the past two weeks students have had the opportunity to “register” for the in-school election. On Tuesday, October 28, those registered to vote were invited to a mock debate where the McCain-Palin team faced off against Obama-Biden. Graham Luber served as moderator. Hayley Herzog carried the Barack Obama argument, assisted by Makayla Havranek as Joe Biden. Across the platform, Kayla Clyde delivered the John McCain address with Amanda Heerman standing in as Sarah Palin.

Herzog, commenting on her participation in the debate said, “I’ve always been a political person, but being able to participate in the school debate helped me to learn more about both of the candidates and their views. I think that there is nothing like being able to debate in class about the issues that are important to me to help me figure out where I stand.” Clyde admits that she had never been really “a political person”. “Now that I have become involved through research for this activity, I’ve been able to find my own views. I have a better idea of what kind of American I want to be.” Both sides extensively utilized the Internet for their research, along with writing the campaign headquarters for additional information.

From a student population of 379, 167 registered to vote in our school election, 44% of the student body. Broken down by class, 20% of 7th graders registered. Among 8th grader, 83% registered. For high schoolers, 9th grade saw 33% registration, 18% for 10th graders, 53% of 11th graders and 61% of seniors. The in-school election ran all day on Wednesday, October 29 with election results posted on Monday, November 3.


McCain 68 or 59.6%
Obama 46 or 40.3%

Johanns 74 or 64.5%
Kleeb 24 or 22%
Rosberg 10 or 9.25%

Smith 92 or 85%
Stoddard 16 or 14.8%
Mr. Brown 1 or .009%

Interesting facts:

Party affiliation
Rep 39 or 60%
Dem 20 or 30.1%
Ind 6 or 09%

Straight Party Rep 54 or 47.7%
Straight Party Dem 10 or 08%
Crossed Party Lines 49 or 43%

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Field of Dreams: If you build it, they will come.

This was the philosophy behind a recent new opportunity for students at O’Neill High School. Students were selected and invited to attend an all-day seminar and exploration session utilizing Final Cut Pro, a high-end movie-editing software, a part of Apple’s “Pro Apps” software. This video editing software, used by many actual professional movie producers, is not loaded on student laptops, but is installed on the iMacs (desktop computers) in the school. If given the opportunity in the form of time and technology access, students have all the power of the pros.

October 30 was a Fall Break day for students at OHS, but instead of taking the day off, these students spent the entire day at school, proving that, “If you build it, they will come.” A huge part of the success of this seminar was the instruction and guidance provided by Mark Billington of Apple Computers, who has used and taught about Final Cut Pro for years. Mark shared his knowledge via iChat and utilized the amazing power of technology to teach over the span of hundreds of miles geographically. At times Mark would video chat with the group in O’Neill, other times he would show movie clips transferred electronically through a Mobile Me iDisk, and the rest of the time he would demonstrate through screen sharing as he controlled the clicking on Mrs. Morrow’s computer for all to view on the projected screen.

The afternoon was open for filming time and free exploration of the software, while at the same time several students gifted in music created soundtrack clips to use in the student movie production. While nothing was finished in its entirety, the day was a success for all. The unique way of delivering instruction via the Internet was a great way to bring an expert to O’Neill. For the students, a foundation for laid for starting to use Apple Pro Apps. Quoting Mark Billington to the kids, “With Final Cut Pro, you are limited only by your imaginations.” Students can take what they learned, apply it to future projects, and share their skills with other students, thereby spreading the learning throughout OHS. Watch for this unique learning environment, this “Field of Dreams” to grow and expand in the future.

Friday, October 24, 2008

2008 Insomnia Competition

On November 15 at 9:00 a.m. EST, the clock starts ticking.

Apple will post the list of required elements for entries in the 2008 Insomnia Film Festival. Then you and your team will have the next 24 hours to make and upload your 3-minute movie. That's the easy part.

Once your movie's up, you'll need to get everyone you know—and then some—to watch and rate it online. If your movie makes the top 25, you can host a showing at the Apple Retail Store. Your adoring fans can download it from the iTunes Store. And it'll be screened by some big-time industry players: John August, Doug Ellin, Jody Hill, Masi Oka, Jason Bateman, Paul Haggis, Greg Mottola, Barry Sonnenfeld.

Earn the #1 rating from either the public or the pros, and you'll land one of two grand prizes. Everyone on your team will get a MacBook Pro, Final Cut Studio 2, Logic Studio, Shake, and a year's worth of One to One personal training to help you use them. Not a bad trade for one night's sleep.

Register your team now or find out more:

Thursday, October 23, 2008

More from our viewers!

Eagle Eye Sports is growing and expanding into an incredible resource for the students, players, and patrons of O'Neill Public Schools as well as the surrounding communities. The sportsbroadcasting team recently received another kind email following its Oct. 21 Volleyball broadcast which was watched live by over 41 viewers at one time!

Thank you to O'Neill for videoing this live.. I appreciate this as I was unable to attend this game. We had alot of trouble getting it to stay on however whent hey hd technical trouble then it stayed on about ten minutes and then started to cut out again. But who cares we got the best of it and that was great. We are EV Fans and we do appreciate it and the announcer was also very polite and nice to listen to. I tried to give the announcer a hint with the names as that is always funny to listen to as one was my niece and her name is Henseleit pronounced HENS LIGHT Funny how the names are pronounced nothing like they look. HA!!! Thanks again O'Neill Marlene Oelsligle

The next edition of Eagle Eye Sports will be tonight, Oct. 23rd, 2008 as they feature all three games of the O'Neill High School Volleyball Triangular. Catch all the action here:

iPhoto Nonfiction books - authored by O'Neill 8th graders

During the 2007-2008 school year eighth graders took part in a cross-curriculum project in both their science(Mr. Corkle) and English(Mrs. Pongratz) classes. Using MacBooks, eighth graders created a digital iphoto book over a science topic. The students first attended a writing workshop conducted by nonfiction author David Nieves. Then they began researching topics and putting together a nonfiction book for an elementary audience.

At the end of the project the eighth graders each had a digital book to present, and several books were then selected for printing. These books are currently on display in the O’Neill High School Library, and they will be given to the elementary library later this year. Printed books include – Eclipses by Laura Lueninghoener, How Mr. and Mrs. Igny were Formed by Jordan Mauch, Where Does it All Go? by Alexandria Hedlund, Asteroids, Comets, Meteors and Meteorites by Kelsey Appleby, Help Me! Ocean Pollution by Stephanie Nemec, Natural Resources: Resources Can be Conserved and Recycled by Lucas George, Exploring Space: Mission to Mars by Olivia Shoemaker, and Bye Bye Moon? By Kasey E. Hoffman.

Monday, October 13, 2008

21st Century Learning Leadership Institute

O'Neill Public Schools are proud to host an upcoming event sponsored by Apple Computers on December 3-4, 2008. This 21st Century Learning Leadership Institute will showcase the possibilities, potential for learning, and projects already underway at O'Neill Public Schools with our 24/7 Learning Initiative.

The cost of the institute is FREE and registration takes place here:

More to come in the upcoming weeks about this exciting event at O'Neill Public Schools.

Thank you note

Dear Mr. Brosz,

For many years I have moved from place to place, school to school. Never, however, have I experienced such kindness and generosity that I have here in O'Neill. The atmosphere alone has changed me. O'Neill Junior-Senior High School is filled with the most unique staff I have ever been fortunate enough to work with, and learn from in any of the multiple schools I have attended. Such a staff has never, in my life, touched my heart, inspired and supported me with their kind words and wonderful personalities. They have gone above and beyond to not only teach me valuable subjects such as math and English, but also teach me valuable life lessons that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Never has a small group of people inspired me to be myself, to never give up, and keep moving forward with my life. True heroes are role models and mentors, people who impact your life in a positive way (yes I did read that in the handbook and thought it would go perfectly with this letter). Every single person that attends or works in your high school is a true hero. Believe it or not, you all have changed my life in a way you could not possibly imagine. I walked out of O'Neill with a true sense of who I am and a spectacular new view upon the world. I believe now that I can do anything I set out to do. They also have helped me see that this world is a terrible and cruel place, but if you look carefully you can find true beauty. O'Neill is one of the world's true beauties, the people and their way of showing kindness to one another and their manners are things I believed had not existed in people anymore.

I come from the East coast, and to tell you the truth people there do not like each other, but being around the people in O'Neill they helped me realize there is still hope for the world to become a better place. Each and every student has such great potential to move forward in their lives. I do believe that their kindness and great potential is partly due to the influences from their teachers as well as their own willingness to accomplish great things. I have never, in all the high schools I have been to, have seen such determination among a single student body. This is exactly why I feel like a new man. Each person I had the pleasure to meet taught me something one way or another. The support they gave me in my time of need is something I wish and hope to be able to repay someday.

You all welcomed me with open arms, and I am eternally great full for that. My only regret is not being able to stay a bit longer. I would graduate with your seniors if I could. I never thought I would become so attached to a school in which I spent only 3 short weeks. In that time I did met people who I know will be life long friends and people who I will never forget.

I know I will never fail to remember the moments I spent here in O'Neill, and that this town has a very special place, the closest to any other, in my heart. I feel like I have succeeded in finding a great new family. My time here has been momentous. It has been a true highlight in my life. I do hope to visit some day soon. Thank you for all the vast experiences and for having me.

-With love, your friend and student,


Sunday, October 12, 2008

2008-2009 Student Sharing Gallery

We are starting to publish some of the exemplary student projects resulting from OPS's 24/7 Learning Initiative.

This year the projects can be viewed from:

While you are there, make sure that you click the Subscribe in iTunes button on the bottom-right. Then, each new media file will automatically be downloaded into your iTunes library when they are posted online.

Last year's Student Sharing Gallery is still active at:

Keep up the great digital project work, kids!

Portraits of Learning Digital Photography Contest

I have seen some AMAZING digital images on your MacBooks and Facebook pages these past few weeks. Whether using picnik, Photoshop, or just a digital camera, there are some of you out there with amazing talent. Have you considered entering a image or two into a photography contest? I have just the opportunity for you. "Portraits of Learning" is an annual digital imagery contest for students sponsored by Technology & Learning. The deadline is this Friday (Oct. 17th). Entering is not a difficult process, but if you need any help at all submitting your photos, just stop by my room or send me an email at There are some great prizes and if nothing else, some great examples of what can be done by kids with a little creativity and a digital camera.

Contest Website:

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Student Lounge is back!

Under the leadership of senior Brett Rash, the OPS Student Lounge is once again up and running on Angel. Any students, staff, or other Angel users are welcome to enroll in this group and participate in conversations about O'Neill Public School. So, if you are already a member from last year, please start posting your thoughts, and if not, what are you waiting for? Group ID: OPS_studentlounge

Message from Brett:

This is the OHS discussion board, run by Brett Rash. This forum is meant for students to discuss and give their opinions on certain topics and issues. This group was started last year by Daniel Balderson and Ryan Lieb and I am working to bring it back. Feel free to share your opinions with the group discussions in this group. Keep in mind that it is a privilege for me to run this board, and it is also a privilege for you to use it. We encourage you to voice your opinions but please refrain from making inappropriate remarks, and remember that your name is attached to all of your messages. We hope this can be used for both fun and productive purposes, so we hope to see a lot of students contributing, and have fun with it! :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

Comment from an O'Neill student...

I just wanted to share with you a comment made by a student from O'Neill High school this past week. Pedro and his sister, Ivette, were two of our students the past three weeks. They were displaced by the hurricane activities in the Houston area. Anyway, Pedro has been in 15 different schools and told us that this school is by far the best he’s ever been in. He was impressed with the kindness of his teachers and the technology. Thanks for being there for both these students, they seem like great kids and you made their short stay in O’Neill a positive one.

Ten Technologies for the Laptop Classroom

An article entitled "Ten Technologies for Tech-Savvy Teachers to Use in A Laptop/Tablet Classroom" can be read here:

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A new entertainment podcast created by students

If you would like a good laugh or two or three, be sure to listen to Creston and Alyssa's new podcast with adventures in time travel and more.

Click on the "Subscribe in iTunes" button to never miss an episode. Better yet, create your own "Soundeffect Story" or even an informational podcast, and Mrs. Morrow will show you how post your creative productions to our podcast server.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Mrs. Morrow shares an update to all 24/7 Learners

Some important information for EVERYONE with a laptop at O'Neill Public Schools.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Email from our Viewers

Email from a viewer following the Ustream live play-by-play action on Eagle Eye Sports by Cody B. and Jesse A. on Oct. 3, 2008:

"We are watching the Crofton vs. O'Neill Football game from Delmont, SD. I use to teach at Crofton a few years ago and then moved away after getting married. I have kept in touch with the staff and students from Crofton and the head coach from Crofton let me know of this live game feed. It is especially great to keep in touch with the students - thank you for offering this chance to watch them live!

The two gentlemen that were announcing the game did a great job - no nonsense reporting! They did a great job being impartial and enjoyed a great play, no matter which team perfomed it. Fabulous job!!! They were quite entertaining and we look forward to watching this type of game via internet again. Keep up the great job and wonderful idea for those that cannot travel to every game. SUPERB!!!"

from Donna Bitterman

Friday, October 3, 2008

Maximizing your MacBook's Potential

"I have NOTHING to do!"
Those are dreaded words in a 24/7 Learning environment. With a MacBook at your fingertips, you have access to hundreds of educational opportunities that are just begging to be utilized. Here are 10 favorites to get you started. Please add comments of any other things to do with your MacBook to enrich your learning "when you're through."

10 Things to Do "When You're Through"
(Maximizing your MacBook's Potential) pdf document

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eagles on Air...

Listen to the first 08-09 edition of Eagles on Air that is being broadcast Friday mornings on KBRX at 11:50 a.m.

Better yet, listen by visiting, click on 'Eagles on Air' and subscribe in iTunes so that you never miss a week's episode.

Eagles on Air's actual web location is at: and the 'Subscribe in iTunes' button is down in the lower-right hand part of the page.

Very nicely done, Hayley and Mariah!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Eagle Eye Sports Season Kick-off

OHS fall sports are off and running! With our added technology, some additional opportunities for celebrating our successes are already present.

Eagle Eye Sports is the student sports broadcasting team led by Mr. Gary Hostert. Started in the Fall of 2007, this group of students gets to work with radio sportscasting professionals and cover play-by-play action of most Eagle sports. Be sure to check out their podcast productions by clicking on the 'Eagle Eye Sports' link off the website, or visit it directly here: Be sure to click the 'Subscribe' button so that you don't miss a single episode of the action!

Teachers and coaches are able to easily publish their activity results, highlights, and more with iWeb via our server. Here is an example of the OHS Cross Country site. If you aren't able to travel to a meet, you can see results, photos, and even an enhanced podcast/video of the runners in action!

Finally, a new avenue of sharing OHS activities is being utilized with live, streaming video via Mr. Mike Peterson has been instrumental in getting this going and so far has ustreamed the OHS musical, graduation, and volleyball games. Last night, he, along with Mr. Gary Hostert, broadcast the first ever LIVE video+audio OHS sports broadcast. You can watch and listen to the archived production here:! Alumni and community members who were not able to visit the O'Neill High School gym were able to view the entire game and play-by-play commentary via their computer and an Internet connection.

Plans for more OHS sports broadcasts are in the works. It is great to know that technology is enhancing not only the in-classroom learning of our students, but the activities and athletics for the whole world as well!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rotary Club speakers

Austin Ducker and Connor Peterson accompanied Mrs. Morrow to the O'Neill Rotary Club meeting on Tuesday, September 2, 2008 to share more information about 24/7 Learning at OHS.

Here is a small taste of what they shared with O'Neill's finest business men and women along with Question and Answer time.

Laptop Care-- The Missing Manual

Thank you, Mr. Peterson, for the humorous reminder of how to take care of your MacBook!

And a gentle reminder that although these MacBooks are extremely tough and durable...
(See photos of one of our own that survived a house fire last weekend... AND STILL WORKS!)

that sometimes the smallest bump, drop, or slip can do major damage to your machine... especially your screen.

PLEASE remember to strap in and zip up your laptop case before moving around with it!

"My dog ate my homework... well, I mean my POWER CORD!"
Yes, this also has happened at OHS this week. You definitely need power to your MacBook in order for it to work, so watch those pets , younger siblings, and other situations when away from school in order to keep your computer in great working condition for the next three years!

Friday, September 5, 2008

O'Neill Student leads South Dakota school

This week on Coach Peterson's Blog, the question was asked:
I have presented to different school districts this summer and have come to realize that we are VERY lucky in O'Neill to have access to the technology that we have.

Talk this week about if you have experienced this in your situation. Do you have friends in other school districts that are jealous of your 24/7 laptop access? Do you know of other schools that are doing what we are doing?

One student's response:
Brett Rash said...

Actually I have, I kind of have a funny story on that front:

My cousin (goes to school in Armor South Dakota) recruited me to help her get laptops at her school. Her school is about 150 people max, that's counting teachers, so it isn't a very expensive program for them.

I went to Armour, in a series of 5 meetings over the course of a week in front of the Armor school board I talked about how we have these laptops at school here in O'Neill. I had my flash drive with me (it had all of the projects and other things I had done on my mac). I also took my report card from 1 year without the macs and my report card of the 2nd semester with them! There was an improvement, whether it was the mac or not I really don't know but it was convincing.

Anyhow, I presented all of this at these meetings, and the board was impressed with the program, they saw potential in it, they wanted to see me use one of the macs but I didn't have one and all they had was a Windows laptop there, it didn't matter. My cousin and I even demonstrated another situation, it was write a paragraph about George Washington, my cousin took her 'W' encyclopedia and I took Google, Wiki,, and other websites, even the encyclopedia installed on the PC, I had the paragraph typed and printed in under 10 minutes. She had a notebook, pencil, and Encyclopedia and she was still writing her first few sentences in that time!

So, overall I would have to say we are lucky to have these laptops at OHS, and they are lucky to have them in Armour now too =D, that's right it worked they got laptops, granted they liked the way O'Neill did things, they are going to give them to Juniors and Seniors the 2nd Semester this year.

They want me to come back and show a group of students how to use the Macs, the teachers are, of course, going to special pro training but the board said students will learn better from other students.

Again, I think we are more than lucky to have these laptops, my friends at my old school, Gregory South Dakota, are jealous of this Mac program we have and are kinda angry I helped Armour and not Gregory! Gregory would be slightly more expensive than the program in Armour though.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day = Success!

And we're off..... officially, this time! Not piloting, not test-driving, not training... real, live, 24-7 Learning!

And the first day couldn't have been better. Enthusiasm and excitement abounded, tech-support was at a moderate level, and unexpected glitches were nonexistent.

Here is a little poll from the kids to see what we might expect in the upcoming weeks and months at OHS:

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

A Letter to the staff of a 1:1 school...

A letter to her staff at Pensecola Catholic High School in Penescola, Florida, also embarking on the beginnings of a 1:1 initiative.
My friend and colleague shares these thoughts, which also seem perfectly appropriate for us at O'Neill Public Schools. Have a great first day of school, everyone!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Leopard for your Classroom

It's back to school time and you may be feeling the "rustiness" of your technology skills, in teaching anyway. Or maybe you are one of those lucky enough to start off the new school year with a brand new Mac. Either way, this pdf reference is perfect for brushing up on the ways to use Mac OS X - Leopard in your classroom. Created by Matt Fuller and accompanied with a podcast of related information, this is a great resource (for free!) that I highly recommend you download and learn some new tips from. Enjoy!

You can get it from here:

Free Podcasting Booklet from Tony Vincent

Want an amazing resource all about podcasting for FREE? Download Tony Vincent's pdf "Podcasting Booklet" from his website Learning in Hand. This 34-page document will guide you through the process of podcasting from listening to podcasts all the way to producing your own. Most of the recommended software is just as free as the booklet itself, and GarageBand can easily replace Audacity during the production steps on your Macs. Even if you are a seasoned podcaster, this booklet offers tips and information that will make it worth your time to download. And did I mention that it is free?

Update of OPS 24/7 Learning

OPS 24/7 Learning Initiative Update
July 2008
Katie Morrow

Access to the world’s most up-to-date information, communication with experts in every possible field, collaboration with people across the globe, and creativity tools to make multimedia magic... all this at every student’s fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

O’Neill Public Jr./Sr. High School is ready to embark on this transformative stage in education. Often referred to as 1:1 computing, each student will be issued a laptop, complete with a multitude of educational software, that they will be able to use for learning all school year long.

OPS’s 24/7 Learning Initiative originated during the 07-08 school year, although researched in years prior, and was piloted by juniors and seniors starting last January. OHS faculty have used laptops for approximately a year and have had many opportunities for training on their use in the classroom.

The true experts in utilizing the latest software and hardware, however, will most likely be the students. Today’s learners come to school with different background skills and expectations for their learning environment. Some even say that these “digital natives” have brains that are “wired differently” than students in generations before them. We at O’Neill Public Schools strive to ENGAGE these students in the learning process, not turn them off to learning by banning the modes of communication, collaboration, and creativity which are most natural to our youth. The laptop is one powerful learning tool to reach our students in meaningful ways.

More importantly than just connecting with our students, the laptop opens up doors not possible without the technology. Videoconferencing through iChat, web design tools to publish on the Internet, podcast lectures downloaded from iTunesU for free from leading universities, digital music composition, photo editing, and video production... all this and more can be done with the MacBook laptop.

And all students have access to this, regardless of background, ability, or aptitude. Technology truly helps “level the playing field.” O’Neill Public School 7th-12th grade students can take their learning to whatever levels and in whichever directions they deem important for their future.

And our students’ futures are crucial for our future as well. Students graduating from high school in the next ten years will have numerous career opportunities, some of which do not even exist today. Our job is to prepare students for their futures, not their past, and to make the line between school and real-life more invisible. 21st century learning encompasses more than just the traditional content areas of schools of the past. The workforce is looking for employees who are innovative, collaborative, and self-directed, “The future belongs to young people who know where the knowledge is, how to get it, how to think about it, and how to turn it into better work, better products, better lives.” (Rexford Brown)

21st century learning still hinges on the backbone of core content area subjects, but also embeds connectivity and collaboration, creation by students (not just passive learning), and problem solving within the learning process. The 24/7 Learning Initiative is a strong first step towards these this ideal learning environment for students at O’Neill Public Schools.

Students will check out their MacBooks for the 2008-2009 school year after attending a two hour “Boot Camp” session accompanied by at least one parent. These sessions will be held from 5:00-7:00 p.m. on either Tuesday, August 12 or Thursday, August 14, and will cover the basics of MacBook operation, care and handling of the laptop, copyright and plagiarism, “Angel” online learning management system, and Internet safety. Students will each pay a $25.00 rental fee which will be partially refunded in the spring if they have no claims or damages.

Teachers are still the experts of their instructional areas and laptop may not be in use every hour of every school day, but students will have the opportunity to use the technology for note taking, research, collaboration, independent extensions, and projects to demonstrate their learning, to name a few. Already during the pilot semester, students used their MacBooks for creating iMovie political ads to learn about political campaigns, Math review lessons for the SMART Board taught entirely by the student, iPhoto nonfiction Science books published for the Elementary Library, Holocaust projects, graphing and statistic projects, Public Service Announcements in Spanish, Commercial movies for local businesses, podcasts about O’Neill and fictitious interviews with famous scientists, movies on Westward Expansion, student portfolios to showcase their learning progress, and websites over literary novels, just to name a few. Many more examples of superior student work can be viewed by visiting our Sharing Gallery at

A common list of Frequently Asked Questions covering issues such as safety/security, student infractions, etc. can also be found at the OPS 24/7 Learning website at Be sure to look for many additions to the website in the upcoming months.

A large debt of gratitude is owed to the O’Neill Public Schools Board of Education, the administration, and teachers and technology staff who have given countless extra hours into planning and implementing this initiative. O’Neill Public School is excited and proud to lead the way towards a transformative learning environment focused on the future of our best and brightest minds: our students.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Back to School Bootcamp

Attention everyone in grades 7-12! The laptop distribution nights are scheduled for next week. These two “Boot Camp” sessions will be the kick-off for O’Neill Public Schools’ 24/7 Learning Initiative, where every 7th-12th grade student will have a MacBook laptop available to enhance their learning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Every student needs to attend one training session with at least one parent or guardian in order to check out their MacBook for the school year.

The two choices for 24/7 Learning “Boot Camp” are:
Tuesday, August 12th, from 5:00- 7:00 p.m. for students in grades 10-12
Thursday, August 14th from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. for students in grades 7-9
Doors will open at 4:30 both nights.

If your scheduled night does not work, feel free to attend the other night.... the information will be the same.

Likewise, if you have two students scheduled for two different nights, you need only attend one BootCamp session... choose the night that works best for you.

At BootCamp you will attend sessions on the use of the MacBook for learning
and your student will take their MacBook home with them, provided that:
You attended all the sessions,
filled out the required paperwork, and
paid a $25.00 rental fee (with a potential partial refund at the end of the school year).

We will have one additional BootCamp training night after school starts if these two dates do not work for you. If you do not attend any BootCamp sessions, your student will only be able to use their assigned MacBook while at school under teacher supervision.

We hope that everyone will be able to join us as we embark on this new exciting adventure in a way of learning that will help our children in all their future endeavors.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Summer Training for Teachers

Teachers have been diligently preparing for next year's full implementation of 24/7 Learning for all students, grades 7-12, by taking part in some summer training opportunities.
  • Doane College Graduate course "21st Century Learning" taught June 2-6 in O'Neill (visit for more information)
  • Summer Technology Institute held June 9-10 in Norfolk, NE
  • Apple Professional Development "iLife in the Classroom" held June 18-19
  • Apple Professional Development "Technology-Infused Learning" held July 10-11
Add that to the numerous workshops, courses, curriculum-writing, and personal planning that O'Neill Public Schools' teachers have been doing, and you will see a tremendous commitment to the betterment of our school system!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

ESUs #1 and 8 Administrators' Retreat at Niobrara

Mike and Katie were glad to share O'Neill's journey in 24/7 Learning during break-out sessions with the administrators from ESU #1 and #8 at their annual retreat.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer Professional Development- Technology Institute

A Summer Technology Institute is being held this June 9-10 in Norfolk, NE. This is a great opportunity for us to work on our tech skills without traveling a long distance from home!.

You can read more about it here:

Take note that registration is by phone only. There will NOT be any on-line registration.

Call the ESU 1 at (402) 287-2061 to speak to Wendy, Sarah or Joleen. You will be officially registered for the workshop once ESU 1 receives your check or purchase order.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Newest Mini-Documentary on OPS 24/7 Learning

Keshia and Taylor decided to produce their documentary final project for TANN Digital Media class on O'Neill's 24/7 Learning Initiative from its inception until now. Watch their finished project here:

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

ScreenNation Challenge "HomeTown Claim to Fame"

STUDENTS between the ages of 13 and 18!
We need YOU to show the world two things:
#1- Your talents at moviemaking
#2- The awesome things about our hometown, O'Neill!

Prizes are top-notch and you have plenty of time to create a project that fits the project guidelines. So all you need to do is stop in to see Mrs. Morrow to get a plan for equipment check-out and start making your film!

In the meantime, here is the website to start gathering project ideas:

I can't wait to hear from you as to your ideas!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Seniors' Laptop Check-in

"This is the hardest part about my entire senior year."
~direct quote from a HS senior upon laptop check-in

I truly felt like the Grinch as I collected laptops from seniors the last couple of days. For the most part the giving up of their MacBook was like giving up a close personal friend that these seniors have had for the past semester. There are still a few students who haven't been convinced that this is the best tool to enhance their learning, but the majority of the students had overwhelmingly positive feedback. Seniors were asked to complete an online survey to help us better plan for next year, full 7-12 deployment. Some of the quotes from the students included:

* "Allows the kids to expand their learning in both directions."
* "I enjoyed it and it especially motivated me to take notes and study."
* "I really felt that the laptops have encourage students to get out there and really think outside the box when it came to homework."
* "I thought that it really made me more organized and on time. Thanks."
* "I have really enjoyed having the MacBooks, it has made learning fun."
* "I thought that the laptops were well used by most of the students and by having them gave us better opportunities to express what we've learned in a new way."

Suggestions for improvement included the following:
* More strict and less strict monitoring (both ends of the spectrum!)
* Concerns for underclassmen abuse
* Encouraging teachers to use them more and be better trained on the technology
* More project-based learning, more online learning activities
* Find a way to make them less distracting

On a 5-pt. scale (5 being the laptop helped improve the area a LOT) students ranked the effect of the laptop to them personally in a variety of areas. The results were incredibly slanted towards student improvement, with the highest areas improved being student creativity (4.44 average), collaboration (4.16), and overall improvement of learning (4.11). Even working on homework averaged a 4.04 rating from the senior students surveyed. (See chart at beginning of post.) All in all, our 24/7 Learning Student Pilot can be deemed a success. Thank you to all the students and teachers who have made it so. And here's to a great future of continued improvement in student learning at O'Neill Public Schools.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Student Bloggers!

Check out Brett's blog and check back in often. As an already-published author, ( Brett is now writing in another voice and channel for all to learn from. Web 2.0 - The Read/Write Web - is a place where all student authors and artists can share their voice.

Monday, April 28, 2008

O'Neill Public Teachers @ NETA 2008

The annual pilgrimage to Omaha for NETA took place last week, April 23-25th. The theme this year was "Digital Transformers Goin' Global." Encarta defines a transformer in the following way: somebody or something that effects a transformation. The teacher participants, although only representative of the larger staff and administration of the district, truly are "transformers"-- trying to bring back ideas and strategies for continuing the positive transformation at O'Neill Public Schools into a Center for 24/7 Learning. Some of the highlights and/or positive comments from OHS teachers who attended NETA 2008 include the following:

~ "I enjoyed seeing the different ways to use iMovie with students in the areas of reading/ language arts, etc. (book talks, digital storytelling, bringing reports to life, etc. there are so many possibilities with this!)"

~ "The best advice that I heard: Don’t try to come up with really cool projects- Let the kids come up with the stuff!"

~ "I attended the Photoshop Elements: Elementary Project Ideas workshop and LOVED IT. We learned simple animation in photoshop and how to manipulate layers to create language arts projects. There were also some art projects that can be done using photoshop that I found really interesting."

~ "Keys for Managing a 1:1 classroom:
1. Set clear expectations
2. Motivate appropriate computer use by having less attractive options up your sleeve.
3. Make clear that computer use in your class is a privilege.
4. Arrange your desks to facilitate monitoring.
5. Practice proximity - move around the room a lot!
6. Read student behavior.
7. Make technology use part of your lesson - and close the lid when needed!
8. Monitor closely, but pick your battles.
9. Create activities and projects that appeal to students
10. Embrace the power of immediate feedback.
11. BE CONSISTENT!!!!!!"
~ "I am always inspired by NETA...every year in a different way..."

~ "Dr. Tim Tyson scored points with the video presentations his students share with others."

~ "I really liked seeing
how other teachers were using technology in
their classrooms, and got some good ideas
to try in mine. I'm going to have my students
make podcasts with their research papers, and
then possibly video them when they give their
presentation and turn that into an imovie."

O'Neill's 24/7 Learning Initiative was featured again as Katie Morrow represented our school in a panel discussion on 1 to 1 Learning with the following description:

"It's about teaching and learning. A 1 to 1 learning program is about creating a 21st century learning environment that engages students. Students learn better when they are engaged, and research on what engages todays students points to technology. 1 to 1 learning matches how todays students interact and learn. Come hear this panel of schools who have created their own 1 to 1 learning environments."

Let's keep right on with the Digital Transformations!

"The World is Listening"

I keep telling the students that the world is listening. It is nice to have proof. In the last week, several projects that students have been working on have received real-world feedback and acclaim. This global sharing wouldn't be possible without the technology resources available. The following are real responses received about student projects:

"It's Real. It's Wrong." - "Please tell your students how impressed I was by the video. I have given many speeches concerning dating violence, and have always thought how beneficial it would be to have a tool which displayed teens discussing the reality of abusive relationships. This video will be a wonderful resource for our agency! Due to the nature of my work, I am very interested in this video. As an agency, we are constantly searching for resources that portray the complexities of intimate partner violence, and this film seems to do just that! I noticed that the piece was used as a PSA and was impressed by the collaboration that made this project a success. I am very interested in using this video as a resource for community education."

ScreenNation - "Just a quick note to that you for featuring ScreenNation as part of your classroom assignment. The team here at the AFI ScreenEd Center got a lot out of reading your students' honest assessment of the new site. As we continue our roll-out many of their comments will inform how the site will look and feel. I'm very interested in in they types of projects you are producing with your students. I hope you will encourage them to upload and exhibit on Screenantion."

Personal Finance Online Competition

Congratulations to Breanna Felker, Taylor Carlson, and Seth Dodds! These students from Mrs. Appleby's Personal Finance class recently competed in an online competition against 3-person teams across the state. They placed 2nd overall out of almost 150 teams and were rewarded $25.00 iTunes gift cards for their efforts. Complete results can be read here: Congratulations!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

SMART Notebook 10.0 is here!

SMART has recently released its newest version of Notebook software. As many of us have had troubles with SMART software and the Leopard operating system on our Macs, I highly encourage you to download and install 10.0 today. Downloads for both Mac and Windows can be found here:

A few things that need to be pointed out:
1. Uninstall any previous versions of SMART Board software first.
2. The first 10,000 people to download and install Notebook 10.0 receive a free year-long subscription to SMART Learning Marketplace.
3. You will need to obtain a product key to activate the software. Just find the serial number on the underside/backside of your SMART Board and submit it online. Your product key will be emailed to you and you can copy and paste it to activate it.

Now you are ready to play! I'll share some of the great new features of Notebook 10.0 sometime in the near future. So whether you like to lead the way by trying new features or just want to get your SMART Board to work with your Mac... here is your chance!

Atomic Learning Desktop

"Atomic Learning is proud to unveil the Atomic Desktop. This complimentary downloadable tool allows users to quickly and easily access on-demand software training by offering an easy-to-use interface to search and view tutorials that answer their common 'How do I do that?" questions - all directly from their desktop without ever having to open the browser or leave a software program."

We will put this on the student image for next year, but I highly encourage teachers to download and install it before you leave for the summer. It's like having a little teacher right on your desktop whenever you need to ask technology-related questions!

To download the Atomic Desktop, please select the Downloadable materials tab in the Atomic Toolkit (

Saturday, April 26, 2008

O'Neill Student Impresses NETA 2008

Jordan Peterson shared his knowledge of music composition and digital music production with a packed crowd of educators last Thursday at the NETA 2008 Spring Conference. Neither standing room only nor 1st session of the 2-day conference deterred participants from learning from and listening to Jordan explain his process of creating music with GarageBand. Jordan was accompanied by his dad, OHS teacher Mike Peterson. Following the break-out session Jordan was approached by school districts from various parts of Nebraska, inquiring about his services to share his knowledge with their students. In addition, he sold many of his CDs, online music downloads, and was offered by a music store in Westroads Mall to market his music there, as well. Praises abound once again for this O'Neill High School student. You can view his NETA presentation documents at by clicking on 'News.'

Monday, April 21, 2008

Digital Student of the Year!

Jordan Peterson, an O'Neill High School senior, was named Digital Student of the Year on Saturday, April 19th at the 2008 Digies Awards. Sponsored by Apple Computers, this award competition highlights the best in K-12 student digital arts projects across the state of Nebraska. Jordan has received recognition at the Digies in his last five years of participation of the Digies' 6-year history. This year, Jordan's work was recognized in four different projects in four different categories. This was an outstanding honor that is not even awarded every year. Jordan is definitely deserving. Congratulations!

Digies Winners from O'Neill Public Schools - 2008

O’Neill Public School has been represented by student finalists each and every year of the Digies’s six year history, but none so heartily as this year. From O’Neill Public Schools alone over 29 unique students were honored, some with multiple entries, in 17 finalist projects, including 4 Digies trophy winning projects. For a list of all finalists and award winners along with their projects, visit:

Monday, April 14, 2008

2008 Digies Awards

Announcing the O'Neill Public Schools' Finalists for Apple's annual Digital Media awards! Way to go, students!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Cool things to do with Preview

If you have opened up pdfs or image files on your Mac and desired the ability to leave comments, mark-up the pdf, etc., you no longer need to have to worry about installing Adobe Acrobat Pro. Take a look at this:

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Student Projects!

It's seems like Spring time is Project time at OHS! Just a reminder of a few of the many great websites to check out O'Neill Student Projects created within the 24/7 Learning Initiative. New features are being added daily, so keep checking back often!

Student Sharing Gallery (general Student projects)

TANN Digital Media Gallery
OHS Digital Media Gallery
7th grade Math Screencasts

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

High-Tech Track Meet!

O'Neill participated in the Dan Lennon invitational Track meet held in the USD Dome in Vermillion, SD on Tuesday, March 25. Students were able to watch their techniques immediately following some events by importing coaches' video into their MacBooks. In between events students caught up on homework or iChatted back to school with their results due to the available wireless signal in the Dome.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Congrats to Internet Safety Contest Winners!

Congratulations to Stephanie Nemec, Rachael Hornback, and Brian Finkral. The girls placed first and Brian's project was runner-up in ESU 8 in the Statewide Internet Safety PSA Contest. Stephanie and Rachael's PSA on cyberbullying will move on to the state level. Congratulations, 8th graders!

You can view their projects (and other great new student proejcts) here:

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Top Ten Ways to Take Care of Your MacBook

GarageBand on American Idol

Too bad we don't live a little closer to an Apple Store! They are offering free workshops in GarageBand and song composition... for example, to enter American Idol's Songwriting Competition.
As neat as that is, however, we know there are many O'Neill Public School students who could do it WITHOUT the help of the Apple Store!
Go GarageBand!

Good luck Madison!

Students, teachers, and members of the community at Madison Public School in Madison, NE gathered for an informational meeting on Monday night, March 17th, to discuss a potential 1:1 initiative. The crew was anxious to hear from O'Neill's students as to how things are going so far and so 4 OHS juniors and seniors participated in a video iChat Q&A session. Thanks to these students for sharing with others hundreds of miles away! And good to Madison Public School in their pursuit of a 1:1 Laptop Initiative.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Hot Eats. Cool Treats. Internet? Sweet!

Dairy Queen in O'Neill just recently hooked up wireless Internet in their restaurant. Come out and enjoy a blizzard while working on your MacBook!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just look at the happy faces!

Our first quarter with laptops is complete and who couldn't see the excitement for learning radiating off these juniors' faces?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Math Training- Adding to our Numbers!

OHS Math and Business teachers, along with additional Math teachers from surrounding schools, participated in our final session of Apple Professional Development - High School Infusion. Our trainer shared ideas of implementing Apple's built-in software and additional freeware in our Math classrooms. The two days spent in this training encouraged ways to transform our math classrooms into highly interactive, engaging centers of learning.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Digies Competition

Announcing the 6th Annual Digies Competition.

This is a great opportunity to showcase and share some of the exceptional digital work being created by O'Neill's student. If you are interested in participating, make sure you read the guidelines below, and then see Mrs. Morrow ( or Mr. Peterson ( sometime before the deadline.



Sixth Annual Apple Nebraska Digital Media Competition

Apple is hosting the Sixth Annual Nebraska Digital Media Competition, the "Digies". We intend to showcase the best digital media work by the K-12 students in Nebraska. We will have many digital categories and two age groups for the competition. The open category is for those projects that may not fit in one of the other categories. All of the time limits and other restrictions apply to the open category as well.

Please note that students may only enter one entry per category.

And the categories are:

Best Senior Video, Highlight Video, Yearbook or other Group Related Video
Best Informational, Persuasive, or Curriculum Related Video
Best Community/State/Tourism Promotional Video (your chance to promote your community, state or favorite local destination)
Best Comedy Video
Best Digital Music Composition
Best Digital Animation
Best Digital Still Image (Photoshop, Freehand or other graphics application)
Best Digital Still Picture (image from a digital camera)
Open (this category will help with those projects that don't fit the above categories)

Due to the small number of entries over the past few years there will be no educator categories this year.

Each category will have a K-6 and a 7-12 winner.

Apple will be hosting an awards ceremony on Saturday, April 19th at a location to be determined.


A "Digie" will be awarded to each of the winners of the categories to
recognize their outstanding work. After all of the winners are announced, we
will place all of the winner's names in a hat to choose the grand prize

The Details:

Please Note that a new rule has been added this year. Each student or group will be allowed only one entry per category. For example - Susie can not enter 10 different pictures in the Digital Still Picture category. The student must choose their best work in a category and only submit that entry. Susie can still enter one entry in every category if she chooses to. Classes can still have multiple entries in the same category, but the same team or student can not enter more than one entry in a category.

All projects must be submitted between February 12th and March 21st, 2008. The entry address and any necessary forms or instructions will be posted as the deadline approaches. We will be using the web based submission system again this year. No entries will be accepted after March 23rd.

Each entry must be 10 minutes or less and must list a teacher/sponsor and the school name.

Although there is no limit to the number of people on a team, teams are encouraged to keep their numbers small to keep the prize meaningful.

Apple will have right to use any of the projects submitted as part of this contest for a period of five years.

All works must be entirely original works.


Any submissions with copyrighted material will be disqualified. Submissions with copyrighted material with a letter of permission will not be accepted. We want this to be original student work. Background music and sound effects from tools such as Garage Band, Sound Track, or SmartSound will be accepted.


The Apple team will function as initial judges to pare down the projects to the top three to five entries in each category. The groups or individuals chosen by the Apple judges will be notified that they have made the first cut. We will then pass the top projects in each category to local judges from related industries such as TV, advertising agencies, universities, video production services etc... These judges will choose the top entry in each category and those will be announced as the "Digie" winner at the Awards Ceremony.

Thanks and Good Luck

Mark, Janet, Jeff, Jessica and the rest of the Apple Nebraska team