Thursday, February 13, 2014

O'Neill 8th graders publish book in iBook Store to support Nebraska Troop Support

After a long wait, the OHS English 8 class book is finally live in the iBooks Store! Students in Mrs. Morrow and Mrs. Troester's 8th grade English class wrote, compiled, and enhanced essays about patriotism in a Multi-Touch book for iBooks.  The students are hoping to generate support through the purchase of their book to donate to Nebraska Troop Support.  Download today from the iBooks Store and enjoy some great student writing!

O'Neill Public School 8th graders express their ideas on what patriotism means and share in the form of this class book.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to Nebraska Troop Support.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Eagle "Genius Bar" to debut next week

Eagle “Genius Bar”

Do you struggle to organize the apps on your iPad? Do you have troubles sharing photographs with your family and friends?  Are you wanting to know how to use the new OHS app or media from Eagle Eye Broadcasting? 

Drop by the first-ever Eagle Genius Bar next Thursday, Febr. 13th located at the O’Neill High School Concession Stand.  The Eagle Genius Bar will be staffed by various O’Neill High School students, all knowledgeable in the software, apps, file management, and general know-how of Mac laptops and iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad). 

Community members can stop by the high school anytime between noon and 6 p.m. to gain free technology support for their Apple devices. 

Bring by the new iPad your grandchildren gave you for Christmas or let the students at the Genius Bar help you organize your iPhone.  Let them show you how to create a photo or video project on your Mac laptop.  

Be aware that students won’t be able to FIX devices, but certainly can show you what they know about how to USE them.   Hope to see lots of people there!

Digital Learning Day 2014

In an effort to support the effective use of technology to improve education for all students,  Digital Learning Day was celebrated around the globe on February 5, 2014. 

Digital Learning Day is about giving every child the opportunity to learn in a robust digital environment everyday, with the goal of success in college and a career. 

The weather affected our OHS Digital Learning Day plans a little, but we still celebrated our digital learning in 8th grade English in a variety of ways.  Students kept a 24hr “Digitial Lifestyle” log and then analyzed the results. We watched a bit of a live webcast of the National Digital Learning Policy panel.  Then we viewed “Day in the Life of a 24-7 Learning Student” (from the first year of 24/7 Learning at OHS) from which we discussed how things have changed.

In addition to our MacBooks we used personal digital devices to take polls, send tweets, and blog about digital learning both past, present, and future.
Read one student's reflection here: