Friday, March 27, 2009

Sports + Technology = !!

In every sport and activity this year at OHS we have witnessed the added benefits that technology brings. In just the last week, I have seen the golf team analyzing video of golf swings of the pros, Track athletes checking in on their coaches' iWebs (Coach Peterson; Coach Morrow) for workout schedules and practice videos, club volleyball players watching video as a scouting report for their upcoming tournament, and many student athletes still reveling in the glory of successful wrestling or basketball seasons by re-living the highlights films online over and over.

Track coaches Peterson(hurdlers) and Morrow(pole vault) recently purchased Kodak zi6 HandyCam pocket HD camcorders for use training their athletes. Athletes can instantaneously watch and analyze their form in high-definition after practice has concluded, or watch their progress as the meet highlights are posted all season-long on their coaches' websites. Get ready for the upcoming "Hurdle Cam" as well, as plans exist for using an action mount to follow the motions of OHS hurdles while in action!

With every OHS athlete having 24/7 access to MacBooks, communication, team connections, and high-tech analysis of the sport is even more accessible and beneficial to all.

Bearing Witness

Created by Mrs. Gotschall's sophomore English class,

these PSAs show how OHS students can “bear witness” to issues in the world today.

Amazing work, students!

My 4th Quarter Photographers

My 4th Quarter 8th Graders.... We love our digital cameras! Check out some cool images we gathered on our photo walk:
by Emily Elsbury

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Musicians, Photographers, and Meteorologists!

During just one period today, I viewed so much creativity and innovation from inside of OHS's walls that I had to stop for a few moments and enjoy it.

Next door in the Mr. Peterson's business room, a student borrowed the Eagle Eye Sports mixer board, hooked up his guitar, and was recording his own original music into his MacBook.

Down the 200 hall in Mrs. Gotschall's journalism class, they borrowed the green screen and were holding their own "Eddie the Eagle" photoshoot to be used as themed title pages for this year's yearbook.

And in the 300 hall, Mr. Corkle's 8th graders were weather forecasting, or weather 'reviewing' rather, explaining weather phenomenon from real-life satellite radar images captured from the National Weather Service's website, and using PhotoBooth to narrate them as a real weather forecaster would.

I didn't even get around the entire school, but I had to commend OHS students and teachers for thinking outside the traditional learning box, allowing students to pursue their passions, and creating more than they consumed within our high school walls.

Marla Rabe Grose of KETV-Omaha Visits O’Neill High School

Marla Rabe Grose, a 2000 O’Neill High School graduate, spoke to the Digital Media classes of Mr. Peterson and Mrs. Morrow on March 23rd, 2009 about her experiences in working in the television news industry. Marla currently works for KETV in Omaha as a news reporter and anchor. She has worked for Huskervision at UNL, The Colorado Rockies, KCAU-TV in Sioux City and her present job at KETV. Marla captivated her audience as she spoke about how she takes a story from start to finish and how stressful and yet rewarding her career can be. After speaking to the classes, she was kind enough to be interviewed by Digital Media students who have made her the subject of their next project. When asked why she would take time on her day off to speak to students, Marla replied, “I have been very lucky and I feel like I need to give back.”

The complete video of her presentation can be found here:

Mike Peterson
Business-Technology Teacher
O'Neill High School

Here is her bio from the KETV website:
Working in journalism has always been my dream job!
Now, with the opportunity to work in Omaha near friends and family, I couldn't be happier.
I'm a Nebraska native who grew up in O'Neill. We like to pride ourselves on being the "Irish Capital of Nebraska." I graduated from O'Neill High School then made my way to the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, where I graduated with a degree in journalism.
My career started in Sioux City, Iowa, at KCAU-TV. I spent my time there as a reporter and morning anchor. After spending a few years in that market, I learned more about all of the small towns and summer festivals in northwest Iowa than I ever thought I would know. I had so much fun covering those festivals, and got to eat great "fair food!" Iowa also gave me great reporting opportunities, in a political hotspot, there is always a lot going on.
In my spare time I'm likely trying to decorate our new home, or spending time with friends and family. I have a new baby niece, and am the proudest aunt you'll ever find!

After her visit, Marla e-mailed us the following:

Subject: Thank you

Thanks so much for allowing me into your classroom today! I really enjoyed the opportunity to talk to the kids and hopefully teach them a little bit about what we do everyday!
I really had a great time and as I said, if there is ever anything I can do don't hesitate to ask! I talked with my news director and she had no problem with posting everything to your site, so go right ahead.

Thanks again, and it was great to see you.


Interview/Feature Story on Marla produced by Hayley Herzog and McKenna Moyes:

Friday, March 20, 2009

Jordan Peterson teaches about GarageBand

To View Jordan Peterson's Guest Speaker appearance at OHS Digital Media and Tech Trends classes earlier this week. A 2008 graduate of OHS himself, Jordan is talented not only technologically, but musically as well. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Sports Ilustrated for Kids - Local Stars!

Look for OHS's own Terry Laursen as well as community supporters in the stands in this video highlights piece from the Nebraska State Wrestling Tournament by Bill Frakes and Laura Heald published on

Monday, March 9, 2009

March inSTALL News

Download this month's inSTALLment of the Mac inSTALL News here.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tia Zia Commercial

Airing on local cable channels near you!

Students Sharing Talents

In the last few days I've had several student share their web showcases of their talents with me. I'm sure that there are many more examples of these out there among the OHS Student Body. So this is just a small portion of the Student Talent Sharing on sites on the web. Keep up the amazing work: artists, musicians, and movie-makers!