Monday, April 28, 2008

"The World is Listening"

I keep telling the students that the world is listening. It is nice to have proof. In the last week, several projects that students have been working on have received real-world feedback and acclaim. This global sharing wouldn't be possible without the technology resources available. The following are real responses received about student projects:

"It's Real. It's Wrong." - "Please tell your students how impressed I was by the video. I have given many speeches concerning dating violence, and have always thought how beneficial it would be to have a tool which displayed teens discussing the reality of abusive relationships. This video will be a wonderful resource for our agency! Due to the nature of my work, I am very interested in this video. As an agency, we are constantly searching for resources that portray the complexities of intimate partner violence, and this film seems to do just that! I noticed that the piece was used as a PSA and was impressed by the collaboration that made this project a success. I am very interested in using this video as a resource for community education."

ScreenNation - "Just a quick note to that you for featuring ScreenNation as part of your classroom assignment. The team here at the AFI ScreenEd Center got a lot out of reading your students' honest assessment of the new site. As we continue our roll-out many of their comments will inform how the site will look and feel. I'm very interested in in they types of projects you are producing with your students. I hope you will encourage them to upload and exhibit on Screenantion."

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