Monday, October 13, 2008

Thank you note

Dear Mr. Brosz,

For many years I have moved from place to place, school to school. Never, however, have I experienced such kindness and generosity that I have here in O'Neill. The atmosphere alone has changed me. O'Neill Junior-Senior High School is filled with the most unique staff I have ever been fortunate enough to work with, and learn from in any of the multiple schools I have attended. Such a staff has never, in my life, touched my heart, inspired and supported me with their kind words and wonderful personalities. They have gone above and beyond to not only teach me valuable subjects such as math and English, but also teach me valuable life lessons that I will cherish for the rest of my life.

Never has a small group of people inspired me to be myself, to never give up, and keep moving forward with my life. True heroes are role models and mentors, people who impact your life in a positive way (yes I did read that in the handbook and thought it would go perfectly with this letter). Every single person that attends or works in your high school is a true hero. Believe it or not, you all have changed my life in a way you could not possibly imagine. I walked out of O'Neill with a true sense of who I am and a spectacular new view upon the world. I believe now that I can do anything I set out to do. They also have helped me see that this world is a terrible and cruel place, but if you look carefully you can find true beauty. O'Neill is one of the world's true beauties, the people and their way of showing kindness to one another and their manners are things I believed had not existed in people anymore.

I come from the East coast, and to tell you the truth people there do not like each other, but being around the people in O'Neill they helped me realize there is still hope for the world to become a better place. Each and every student has such great potential to move forward in their lives. I do believe that their kindness and great potential is partly due to the influences from their teachers as well as their own willingness to accomplish great things. I have never, in all the high schools I have been to, have seen such determination among a single student body. This is exactly why I feel like a new man. Each person I had the pleasure to meet taught me something one way or another. The support they gave me in my time of need is something I wish and hope to be able to repay someday.

You all welcomed me with open arms, and I am eternally great full for that. My only regret is not being able to stay a bit longer. I would graduate with your seniors if I could. I never thought I would become so attached to a school in which I spent only 3 short weeks. In that time I did met people who I know will be life long friends and people who I will never forget.

I know I will never fail to remember the moments I spent here in O'Neill, and that this town has a very special place, the closest to any other, in my heart. I feel like I have succeeded in finding a great new family. My time here has been momentous. It has been a true highlight in my life. I do hope to visit some day soon. Thank you for all the vast experiences and for having me.

-With love, your friend and student,


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