Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Picture Contest!

From: opsbrash
Subject:Christmas Picture Contest!
To: All course individuals, All course students
You may have seen my announcement posted this morning but if not here is a reminder. I am holding a Christmas Picture Contest. You can submit (using the drop box) a picture that falls into these categories:

A) You take a funny Christmas picture with your friends or alone
B) You create a cool or funny Christmas picture using Photoshop or Illustrator
C) Create a Christmas movie in Flash or iMovie
D) Create a Christmas slide show using Keynote or powerpoint

I have expanded these choices from just pictures to test your skills with different programs. Feel free to make more than one in different formats (please only one picture per format). If you have any questions please email me through Angel in the O'Neill Student Lounge Group.

Thanks Everyone!
Brett Rash

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