Thursday, January 28, 2016

OHS January 2016 Technology News

Holograms 8th Grade Science At OHS

           Instructional Technology at ESU 8


Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sophomore Speech Class Music Videos    id=0B1IxoJpw2fnrSk5PWktReGkzd3c&usp=sharing

OHS speech teacher Kendra Vanderbeek makes speech class fun!

Ms. Vanderbeek said:
"The purpose of the music video assignment is to get the students to think about words and use non-verbal communication to convey ideas."
 "Also, it’s a fun first assignment that gets everyone comfortable with one another."
 "We get to be silly and have fun and realize that’s okay to do those things with confidence."
What a great use of creative minds and technology!   This a a real tribute to our students' creativity, our faculty and student body's willingness to get involved and let learning be fun! What a great culture to be a part of! 

If you need a little creative inspiration or a reminder how the technology we have at OHS can enhance creativity, or maybe you just need to smile, you can always come back to this post.  I promise -You will smile:)! 

NPPD STEM Lab Comes to OHS

Jennifer Swerczek NPPD Addresses Students
Lowell Brown, Science teacher at O'Neill Public Schools has created a great opportunity for OHS students to experience hands-on learning by bringing a STEM Makerspace lab to OHS.    

This Makerspace STEM lab is being provided by NPPD and facilitated by Jennifer Swerczek. What is a makerspace? It's a space where people can gather to create, invent, and learn.  

Most often a makersspace will include 3D printers, software, and electronics. In this post I have included all of the things students can experience at the makerspace at OHS. 

The NPPD STEM lab is currently set up in the OHS library and will be here through January 29, 2016. Anyone who is interested should feel free to stop and take a look and maybe even play with some of the gadgets!


Make it DO
  • What can you make existing equipment DO with logic, programming, and creative ideas?
Rasberry PI Starter Kits (2)

Make it NEW
  • A “maker’s” take on circuitry, robotics, coding, and unique adaptations of different tools.
Afinia H800 3D printer (1)
Carvey 3D CNC Machine 

Make an IMPACT
  • Making a difference in this world through social innovation takes a keen eye on the needs of your community. Using sensors, tools, and innovative skills, you can make an impact on someone’s life.
Arduino Sensor Station (2 redboards + multitude of sensors)
Thermal Camera
Smart Home Little Bits Kits (2 kits)

Make it YOU
  • You are uniquely you. Here is your chance to be creative with design, circuitry, wearables, and personalized touches. Make your statement here!
Lilly Pad Wearables Lab (6)