Saturday, October 4, 2008

Email from our Viewers

Email from a viewer following the Ustream live play-by-play action on Eagle Eye Sports by Cody B. and Jesse A. on Oct. 3, 2008:

"We are watching the Crofton vs. O'Neill Football game from Delmont, SD. I use to teach at Crofton a few years ago and then moved away after getting married. I have kept in touch with the staff and students from Crofton and the head coach from Crofton let me know of this live game feed. It is especially great to keep in touch with the students - thank you for offering this chance to watch them live!

The two gentlemen that were announcing the game did a great job - no nonsense reporting! They did a great job being impartial and enjoyed a great play, no matter which team perfomed it. Fabulous job!!! They were quite entertaining and we look forward to watching this type of game via internet again. Keep up the great job and wonderful idea for those that cannot travel to every game. SUPERB!!!"

from Donna Bitterman

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