Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eagles on Air...

Listen to the first 08-09 edition of Eagles on Air that is being broadcast Friday mornings on KBRX at 11:50 a.m.

Better yet, listen by visiting, click on 'Eagles on Air' and subscribe in iTunes so that you never miss a week's episode.

Eagles on Air's actual web location is at: and the 'Subscribe in iTunes' button is down in the lower-right hand part of the page.

Very nicely done, Hayley and Mariah!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Eagle Eye Sports Season Kick-off

OHS fall sports are off and running! With our added technology, some additional opportunities for celebrating our successes are already present.

Eagle Eye Sports is the student sports broadcasting team led by Mr. Gary Hostert. Started in the Fall of 2007, this group of students gets to work with radio sportscasting professionals and cover play-by-play action of most Eagle sports. Be sure to check out their podcast productions by clicking on the 'Eagle Eye Sports' link off the website, or visit it directly here: Be sure to click the 'Subscribe' button so that you don't miss a single episode of the action!

Teachers and coaches are able to easily publish their activity results, highlights, and more with iWeb via our server. Here is an example of the OHS Cross Country site. If you aren't able to travel to a meet, you can see results, photos, and even an enhanced podcast/video of the runners in action!

Finally, a new avenue of sharing OHS activities is being utilized with live, streaming video via Mr. Mike Peterson has been instrumental in getting this going and so far has ustreamed the OHS musical, graduation, and volleyball games. Last night, he, along with Mr. Gary Hostert, broadcast the first ever LIVE video+audio OHS sports broadcast. You can watch and listen to the archived production here:! Alumni and community members who were not able to visit the O'Neill High School gym were able to view the entire game and play-by-play commentary via their computer and an Internet connection.

Plans for more OHS sports broadcasts are in the works. It is great to know that technology is enhancing not only the in-classroom learning of our students, but the activities and athletics for the whole world as well!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rotary Club speakers

Austin Ducker and Connor Peterson accompanied Mrs. Morrow to the O'Neill Rotary Club meeting on Tuesday, September 2, 2008 to share more information about 24/7 Learning at OHS.

Here is a small taste of what they shared with O'Neill's finest business men and women along with Question and Answer time.

Laptop Care-- The Missing Manual

Thank you, Mr. Peterson, for the humorous reminder of how to take care of your MacBook!

And a gentle reminder that although these MacBooks are extremely tough and durable...
(See photos of one of our own that survived a house fire last weekend... AND STILL WORKS!)

that sometimes the smallest bump, drop, or slip can do major damage to your machine... especially your screen.

PLEASE remember to strap in and zip up your laptop case before moving around with it!

"My dog ate my homework... well, I mean my POWER CORD!"
Yes, this also has happened at OHS this week. You definitely need power to your MacBook in order for it to work, so watch those pets , younger siblings, and other situations when away from school in order to keep your computer in great working condition for the next three years!

Friday, September 5, 2008

O'Neill Student leads South Dakota school

This week on Coach Peterson's Blog, the question was asked:
I have presented to different school districts this summer and have come to realize that we are VERY lucky in O'Neill to have access to the technology that we have.

Talk this week about if you have experienced this in your situation. Do you have friends in other school districts that are jealous of your 24/7 laptop access? Do you know of other schools that are doing what we are doing?

One student's response:
Brett Rash said...

Actually I have, I kind of have a funny story on that front:

My cousin (goes to school in Armor South Dakota) recruited me to help her get laptops at her school. Her school is about 150 people max, that's counting teachers, so it isn't a very expensive program for them.

I went to Armour, in a series of 5 meetings over the course of a week in front of the Armor school board I talked about how we have these laptops at school here in O'Neill. I had my flash drive with me (it had all of the projects and other things I had done on my mac). I also took my report card from 1 year without the macs and my report card of the 2nd semester with them! There was an improvement, whether it was the mac or not I really don't know but it was convincing.

Anyhow, I presented all of this at these meetings, and the board was impressed with the program, they saw potential in it, they wanted to see me use one of the macs but I didn't have one and all they had was a Windows laptop there, it didn't matter. My cousin and I even demonstrated another situation, it was write a paragraph about George Washington, my cousin took her 'W' encyclopedia and I took Google, Wiki,, and other websites, even the encyclopedia installed on the PC, I had the paragraph typed and printed in under 10 minutes. She had a notebook, pencil, and Encyclopedia and she was still writing her first few sentences in that time!

So, overall I would have to say we are lucky to have these laptops at OHS, and they are lucky to have them in Armour now too =D, that's right it worked they got laptops, granted they liked the way O'Neill did things, they are going to give them to Juniors and Seniors the 2nd Semester this year.

They want me to come back and show a group of students how to use the Macs, the teachers are, of course, going to special pro training but the board said students will learn better from other students.

Again, I think we are more than lucky to have these laptops, my friends at my old school, Gregory South Dakota, are jealous of this Mac program we have and are kinda angry I helped Armour and not Gregory! Gregory would be slightly more expensive than the program in Armour though.