Thursday, October 23, 2008

More from our viewers!

Eagle Eye Sports is growing and expanding into an incredible resource for the students, players, and patrons of O'Neill Public Schools as well as the surrounding communities. The sportsbroadcasting team recently received another kind email following its Oct. 21 Volleyball broadcast which was watched live by over 41 viewers at one time!

Thank you to O'Neill for videoing this live.. I appreciate this as I was unable to attend this game. We had alot of trouble getting it to stay on however whent hey hd technical trouble then it stayed on about ten minutes and then started to cut out again. But who cares we got the best of it and that was great. We are EV Fans and we do appreciate it and the announcer was also very polite and nice to listen to. I tried to give the announcer a hint with the names as that is always funny to listen to as one was my niece and her name is Henseleit pronounced HENS LIGHT Funny how the names are pronounced nothing like they look. HA!!! Thanks again O'Neill Marlene Oelsligle

The next edition of Eagle Eye Sports will be tonight, Oct. 23rd, 2008 as they feature all three games of the O'Neill High School Volleyball Triangular. Catch all the action here:

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