Saturday, September 6, 2008

Laptop Care-- The Missing Manual

Thank you, Mr. Peterson, for the humorous reminder of how to take care of your MacBook!

And a gentle reminder that although these MacBooks are extremely tough and durable...
(See photos of one of our own that survived a house fire last weekend... AND STILL WORKS!)

that sometimes the smallest bump, drop, or slip can do major damage to your machine... especially your screen.

PLEASE remember to strap in and zip up your laptop case before moving around with it!

"My dog ate my homework... well, I mean my POWER CORD!"
Yes, this also has happened at OHS this week. You definitely need power to your MacBook in order for it to work, so watch those pets , younger siblings, and other situations when away from school in order to keep your computer in great working condition for the next three years!

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