Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Dream, Believe, Achieve: The O'Neill Way ... now on the iBooks Store!

O’Neill Public School shares the story of their 24/7 Learning initiative (1:1 learning with MacBooks). Get the newly updated and published book on any device with the iBooks app available at:

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Unranked to Unbeaten: Student Produced Documentary

Mrs. Rylee Dexter's Anatomy classes enriched their study with "passion projects" throughout second semester. Sometimes called "20% Time" or "Genius Hour," the idea is that one day a week (or 20% of their class time) students would be able to pursue a topic of personal relevance to learn more deeply. Student projects took on a variety of forms.  From service projects working with elderly citizens, to entrepreneurial projects such as photography and baking services, the work was entirely driven by the students.  One group leveraged the "Cinderella story" of their recent state football championship season and capitalized on their digital media skills to produce a full-length documentary. You can view it here: