Thursday, October 23, 2008

iPhoto Nonfiction books - authored by O'Neill 8th graders

During the 2007-2008 school year eighth graders took part in a cross-curriculum project in both their science(Mr. Corkle) and English(Mrs. Pongratz) classes. Using MacBooks, eighth graders created a digital iphoto book over a science topic. The students first attended a writing workshop conducted by nonfiction author David Nieves. Then they began researching topics and putting together a nonfiction book for an elementary audience.

At the end of the project the eighth graders each had a digital book to present, and several books were then selected for printing. These books are currently on display in the O’Neill High School Library, and they will be given to the elementary library later this year. Printed books include – Eclipses by Laura Lueninghoener, How Mr. and Mrs. Igny were Formed by Jordan Mauch, Where Does it All Go? by Alexandria Hedlund, Asteroids, Comets, Meteors and Meteorites by Kelsey Appleby, Help Me! Ocean Pollution by Stephanie Nemec, Natural Resources: Resources Can be Conserved and Recycled by Lucas George, Exploring Space: Mission to Mars by Olivia Shoemaker, and Bye Bye Moon? By Kasey E. Hoffman.

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