Friday, April 16, 2010

End of Year Laptop Check-in

I've had a number of requests lately from neighboring schools to share how we do laptop check-in at O'Neill, so I thought I would create a blog post outlining our procedures.  Current OHS students and family can view this as well and therefore get ready for the inevitable laptop check-in that is right around the corner!

********** 24/7 Learning Laptop Check-in *****************

We try to allow students to keep their laptops as long as possible, as we know many teachers are assigning end of the year projects that cannot be completed without technology.  However, in order to have all fines presented and collected from the students prior to their end-of-the-year checkout, we need to start this process at least 2-3 days before the last day of school.

Approximately a week before that, I go into all the English classes and pass out laptop check-in forms as well as go through procedures for backup and cleanup of the student machines.  Last year I created this video for the students, posted it on Angel, and encouraged them to watch it to be reminded of these necessary procedures.

The Laptop Check-in Form asks students to document any damages or repairs that have occurred during the school year (just to double-check our paperwork and keep the computer history as accurate as possible).  They also note any things not currently working so that they can be fixed over the summer.  We ask our students to clean up their MacBook with the cleaning kits that I leave in the English rooms during their free time.  When they actually bring down their computer to check it in, we ask them to take the MacBook out of their case, put the check-in form inside the lid, power the computer down, unattach the bag's shoulder strap and put in inside the front pocket, and zip up the bag.  We do a first-pass check and make sure they are checking in the correct laptop number, bag number, and powercord number, and then put all the bags back in the closet, and laptops into piles.

In between students showing up at our door, we start going through the piles of laptops and noting any damages on their original check-out sheet from the fall.  If their computer is being checked in with no damages, cracks, scuffs, etc., (basically in the same exact condition the MacBook was issued to them) then their name goes on a list for receiving a refund. (We try to send these out with report cards, or else in a mailing later on after school is out.)  If there are additional damages, their name goes on a list for not receiving any refund.  Any additional fines are distributed to the students and must be paid before we sign their school check-out sheet.

Any laptop that needs repair over the summer goes into one pile, and the rest are put back onto the shelves until our Tech Coordinator begins the summer re-imaging process.

The most difficult part of the entire process, by far, is seeing the sadness of the students as they hand in their lifeline for the next 3 months!

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