Friday, March 27, 2009

Sports + Technology = !!

In every sport and activity this year at OHS we have witnessed the added benefits that technology brings. In just the last week, I have seen the golf team analyzing video of golf swings of the pros, Track athletes checking in on their coaches' iWebs (Coach Peterson; Coach Morrow) for workout schedules and practice videos, club volleyball players watching video as a scouting report for their upcoming tournament, and many student athletes still reveling in the glory of successful wrestling or basketball seasons by re-living the highlights films online over and over.

Track coaches Peterson(hurdlers) and Morrow(pole vault) recently purchased Kodak zi6 HandyCam pocket HD camcorders for use training their athletes. Athletes can instantaneously watch and analyze their form in high-definition after practice has concluded, or watch their progress as the meet highlights are posted all season-long on their coaches' websites. Get ready for the upcoming "Hurdle Cam" as well, as plans exist for using an action mount to follow the motions of OHS hurdles while in action!

With every OHS athlete having 24/7 access to MacBooks, communication, team connections, and high-tech analysis of the sport is even more accessible and beneficial to all.

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