Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Musicians, Photographers, and Meteorologists!

During just one period today, I viewed so much creativity and innovation from inside of OHS's walls that I had to stop for a few moments and enjoy it.

Next door in the Mr. Peterson's business room, a student borrowed the Eagle Eye Sports mixer board, hooked up his guitar, and was recording his own original music into his MacBook.

Down the 200 hall in Mrs. Gotschall's journalism class, they borrowed the green screen and were holding their own "Eddie the Eagle" photoshoot to be used as themed title pages for this year's yearbook.

And in the 300 hall, Mr. Corkle's 8th graders were weather forecasting, or weather 'reviewing' rather, explaining weather phenomenon from real-life satellite radar images captured from the National Weather Service's website, and using PhotoBooth to narrate them as a real weather forecaster would.

I didn't even get around the entire school, but I had to commend OHS students and teachers for thinking outside the traditional learning box, allowing students to pursue their passions, and creating more than they consumed within our high school walls.

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Annie said...

Looks like there are a lot of fun and educational projects occurring at OHS!

You do a great job!