Monday, April 16, 2012

Next Vista for Learning 90 Seconds "Spring Shoots" Contest Finalist

The 8th grade Q4 Technology class was just announced a finalist in the Next Vista for Learning "Spring Shoots" video contest.  Their video, entitled "How to Fail When Giving a Speech" was created for the purpose of peer education and showing examples to their fellow classmates before they had to deliver their persuasive speeches in 8th grade English class.  Next Vista will announce the grand prize winner on Friday, April 20, but you can view all the finalists below:

Teacher Strand:
Two Color Reduction Prints:
Plate Tectonics:
How to Determine Density:

Student Strand:
Nazca Lines:
How Glowsticks Work:
Movie Tips and Tricks:
Greek Culture Rap:

Collaboration Strand: (Students and Teachers together)
States of Matter:
What Is Matter?:
Elementary Musical: Art Is Not Accidental:
How To Fail a Speech:

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