Monday, April 30, 2012

Next Vista "90 sec Spring Shoots" Video WINNER!


Our Spring 2012 90-Second Shoots Contest has come to an end, finalists have been chosen, and the winners selected by a group of teachers from around the world.

The collaboration strand had two winners, which was a first for our contests. One is a pretty funny collection of clips on what not to do when making a speech, by students in O'Neill, Nebraska.
- How to Fail a Speech

The other is wildly fun one about art, done by wildly fun Arlington Heights, Illinois, teacher Tricia Fuglestad and her kiddos.
- Elementary Musical: Art Is Not Accidental

We send major congratulations to both the winners, and also all those who gave this a shot.  Your videos will help others learn, and we will work tirelessly to showcase your creativity and energy to inspire other teachers to try this with their students.

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