Monday, September 14, 2009

Eagle Eye Sports "Flying High" As Always

The following message was received over the weekend from Madison Public Schools.

Would you please pass on my THANKS and CONGRATULATIONS to all those involved in setting up your webcasting and for the doing the game Friday night.

It was a treat to be able to watch our boys at an out-of-town game without having to travel.

The foresight the O’Neill district exhibits is outstanding. They are giving the staff and student invaluable experience to carry throughout their lives.

The young men that were announcing were very informed about both teams, did a great job pronouncing names and added small humorous tidbits to the broadcast. They also handled the technical problems without getting ruffled.

I enjoyed it very much. Again thanks and congratulations to everyone involved.

Dianne McDuffee, Business Manager
Madison Public School
P O Box 450
Madison, NE 68748
(402) 454-3336

To watch this broadcast visit or other archived "Eagles on Air" recordings visit the OHS ustream channel at

1 comment:

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