Wednesday, April 1, 2009

OPS Digies Finalists 2009

2009 Digies Finalists have been announced. Out of over 400 entries, students from O’Neill had 20 projects named as finalists, represented by 27 different students, and sponsored by 10 different teachers.


And the O’Neill Public School Nominees are:

7-12 Digital Still Picture
Angela Moore - Angelea Moore
Reflection - Jacqueline Parks
Walking Home - Tyler Hipke

7-12 Digital Still Image
Fireleaf- Demi Devall
Froggy Fun- Jacqueline Parks
Mortal Instruments - Alex Atkins

7-12 Highlights
OHS Volleyball - Bergen Hesse
OHS Girls Basketball Highlights - Kelsey Mundhenke and Liz Watson

K-6 Highlights
Digital Divas Go Green- Emily Morrow, Julia Bauer, Claire Morrow, Amanda Brown, Allison Ludwig

7-12 Animation
The Wooden Man- Kaitlynn Kizzire

7-12 Informational and Curriculum Related Video
A Day in the Life- Angelea Moore
Tia Zia Commercial: Filming a Commercial- Abbie Swanson
Apathy Motivates Passion - Alex Hedlund, Molly Shane, Mark Vavra, Angel Rodriguez, Dillon Dick
Apathy Annihilators - Rachel Price, Allison Depko, Shianne Coventry, Jordon Mauch

K-6 Informational and Curriculum Related Video
Macs and Robotics- Chandra Spangler and Claire Morrow

Open 7-12
Hands- Emily Sallach

Open K-6
Emily in the Outdoors- Emily Morrow
My Ancestor Project- Corbin Dean

7-12 Community Promotion
Out of the Phoenix- Ashley Sandall

The 2009 Digies ceremony will be held on Saturday, April 25, at the University of Nebraska- Lincoln, East Campus at 1:00 p.m.

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