Friday, April 10, 2009

O'Neill Public Schools hosts visitors and showcases technology efforts

For the past four school days, O'Neill has hosted visitors from three different schools hoping to learn more about technology in the educational process.

Teams from Fillmore Central and Ashland-Greenwood, along with a teacher from Elkhorn Public Schools, all soaked in the knowledge and experiences of many teachers, administration, and staff across the district.

Both Fillmore Central and Ashland-Greenwood are planning to implement 1:1 laptop initiatives in their districts, although they are each in different planning phases, and Elkhorn Public Schools have begun to implement SMART Board interactive whiteboards in their classrooms.

O'Neill staff and students represented our school and community well and were great ambassadors for the transformative power of technology in education. Of all the positive comments from the visitors, the most significant may be how impressed they were by O'Neill Public Schools' students. Students were extremely willing to share their firsthand experiences with their MacBooks and the many digital projects they have created since the inception of 24/7 Learning. Whether informally pulled aside in the lunchroom, the classroom, or directly interviewed by the guests, OHS students shined in their expertise, honestly, and excitement about laptops in their learning process.

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