Friday, February 27, 2009

Winter Website Fun!

Teacher-tested and approved websites to cure the mid-winter blues:
This is a strategy game that is supposedly pretty addicting and still somewhat good for your brain. Try it in your free time (not in class!) and tell me what you think.
is kind of like an online GarageBand. For those of you who enjoy creating your own music, this would be another "playground" to explore.

You may have seen an example of this cool 3d animated movie generator in one of my previous blog posts. You need to visit this website to see how easy it is to change text into a 3-D animated movie. The tag line to this site is: "If you can type, you can make movies."

Imagination Cubed is collaborative whiteboard that you (and a friend) can draw on at the same time-- even if you aren't in the same room! Unleash your imagination when using this site.

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