Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Mrs. B.'s Math Class = Movie Stars!

Mrs. Barelmann's 4th period Math class was asked to star in a commercial for Tia Zia that will air soon on several local cable channels. Tia Zia hired a video production crew from Kearney to script, shoot, and edit the commercial. Our own OHS Seniors provided the "talent" for B-roll footage of customers eating at Tia Zia as well as acting out a couple of different scenes and recording the audio for the Tia Zia jingle. (Nice "Arriba!" McKenna :) ) The experience was interesting to watch live and will be even more interesting to see the final edited project. The biggest lesson that Mr. Peterson and I took away was the obvious fact that once again, you kids can do work that is JUST AS GOOD or BETTER than the professionals! And we can't wait to see more of it from you-- the more you keep your eyes, and creative minds, wide-open to the possibilities!

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