Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A Few Announcements

Juniors and Seniors with MacBook laptops:
Some announcements that you need to be aware of:
1. iChat use is for educational purposes only during school hours. You have had plenty of time to experiment and "play" with it. If caught using it for idle chatter during the school day it will be taken away for a 2-week time period. You will need to see Mr. Buller after 2 weeks to regain access to iChat.
2. Shoulder straps are disconnecting too easily. It may be a safe idea to use the handle on the top of the bag and not risk the shoulder strap if you are afraid of your laptop hitting the floor while carrying it. Remember, you must use the school-provided case to protect your laptop. You can put the blue bag inside another, but you must use the blue bag at all times.
3. Printing to the library: please put your name in the header of ALL documents being sent to the library printer. If a document comes through the Library print queue without a name on it, it could be pitched.
4. Try to quit unused applications to save on your laptop's memory usage.

Keep up the good work that we have seen from many of you!

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