Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sophomore Speech Class Music Videos    id=0B1IxoJpw2fnrSk5PWktReGkzd3c&usp=sharing

OHS speech teacher Kendra Vanderbeek makes speech class fun!

Ms. Vanderbeek said:
"The purpose of the music video assignment is to get the students to think about words and use non-verbal communication to convey ideas."
 "Also, it’s a fun first assignment that gets everyone comfortable with one another."
 "We get to be silly and have fun and realize that’s okay to do those things with confidence."
What a great use of creative minds and technology!   This a a real tribute to our students' creativity, our faculty and student body's willingness to get involved and let learning be fun! What a great culture to be a part of! 

If you need a little creative inspiration or a reminder how the technology we have at OHS can enhance creativity, or maybe you just need to smile, you can always come back to this post.  I promise -You will smile:)! 

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