Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Day #1- Lessons Learned

Juniors and Seniors-- 24-7 Learning - Day#1 - Lessons Learned

Just a few things that we either forgot to tell you at BootCamp, or we have had repeat today, or we maybe learned today!

* Log on while at school for the 1st time to get all the programs in your dock and be able to change your dock- so log out and log in while AT SCHOOL at least once!
* Sync once in awhile
* Please don't change your account name.... leave it as your first name and last name and not some nickname. You can change your password, but need to leave your account name as what we gave you. SORRY!
* iChat- Get a .Mac account trial (it's quicker than doing an AIM account)
o Take it easy! (make sure the time and place is appropriate for both the sender and the receiver of the chat!) **Teachers will get quickly bothered if you are iChatting them just to say "hi"
o USE iChat for EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES while at school!!!!!
* No DVD burners, just CD burners in your MacBooks
* No access to Microsoft Office-- use Pages, Numbers, and Keynote.
* Angel likes pdfs or Office documents, so when using the above 3 programs, make sure you do a File - Export as a file format that Angel likes.
* Still an issue with Adobe Acrobat that we are working on.

That's all for Day #1. Good work today and keep the overall goal in mind at all times: 24-7 Learning!

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