Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Official "Yes!"

After another night of respectful and supportive consideration, the School Board voted 'yes' to laptops for students grades 7-12 starting next year. Juniors and seniors will "pilot" the laptops starting second semester and all high school teachers who don't currently have a Macbook will get one issued to them as soon as they come in and Greg gets the infrastructure set up. We know that this initiative will be a big undertaking and that it will take a lot of dedication and hard work to make it successful, but we are all very excited about the potential for improvement to student learning that the added technology access can bring. Don't worry about changing everything overnight... as Mrs. Gotschall says, "Rome wasn't built in a day!" And do know that we will try to support you, the teacher, as best we can in this change. But we are excited to start on this journey together.

We will definitely need to do more planning and decision-making now that we have the official go-ahead from the board. As always, we welcome any input from any staff member who wants to try and make this a successful venture for all involved.

We will try to keep information about the initiative posted on the 24/7 Learning link off the school website or by clicking here: http://www.esu8.org/~oneill/24-7/

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