Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September Teacher Pilot Group meeting

Steve Przymus from South Sioux City High School visited us this past Sunday afternoon. Steve did a great job of demonstrating how he creates web content out of his Spanish I course. Some students take his course in person while some take the same course entirely online independently and he feels it is a way to reach more learners with the Spanish content and course offerings. His district uses Angel from My eLearning as their course management software and O'Neill will be attending some training on Angel at the ESU next week as well. Many of our pilot teachers are interested in enhancing their course by creating content and projects available for student access via the web. We all thought that what we learned from Mr. Przymus will mesh well with our objectives and goals of a 24/7 Laptop Learning initiative.

http://tech.ssccardinals.org/cc/index paz.htm

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